YUYUSO Reptile Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket for Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Lizard



A warm habitat is crucial for bearded dragons.
  With a change of seasons, some bearded dragons may go through brumation, a type of hibernation, in which they stop eating and only drink water sporadically.This dormant phase usually occurs in the fall or winter as the light changes and temperatures drop.

Best gift for your bearded dragon
you can provide a warm and comfortable place for your bearded dragon through the reptile sleeping bag.

* Size(approx):
Sleeping bag and blanket:13”Long*7 3/4”Wide

SLEEPING BAG DESIGN:The reptile sleeping bag has been designed much like a sleeping bag. it is a little roll up quilted mattress with pillow and a blanket attached fixed at all corner to leave a gap for the tail to stretch.
FIXED PILLOW PLACE:Pillow with Velcro can be easily fixed and removed according to needs, which is convenient for the bearded dragon to rest and play and is not easy to fall off.
HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: The reptile sleeping bag is made of soft cloth, filled with a proper amount of sponge ,and keeps warm and breathable,it makes your pet feel comfortable.
CONVENIENT TO CLEAN: The sleeping bag is easy to clean and it is filled with spray bonded cotton evenly and not easy to agglomerate. It can be scrubbed repeatedly.


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