Wzhe Cat Nail Clipper Trimmer – Premium Pet Nail Clippers with Sharp Flat Blade, Big Handle Cats Claw Trimmers and Nail File for Puppy, Kitten, Small Pets



As mom of cats I used to take my kittens to a groomer, but my cats hate it so much and squirm so badly. Every time is a fight that ends up with both of us stressed.
I have purchased several different nail clippers and all have been disappointing until this pair. if you are looking for nail clippers for small animals this is the one you need.

If you have pets squirm and fight every nail cutting experience at the groomers maybe you can try this pet nail clipper. This is small with no sound not freak them out
which make the experience much more pleasant for both pets and us.

Nail trimming should be a regular part for our lovely pets and it’s important to keep the nails properly trimmed.

We are committed to provide good products and services for every customer if you have any problem please don’t hesitate to contact us.

1. We will give our baby a bath before clipping their nails so that they are softer.
2. Wrap the pets in a towel and held their paw in our hand and squeeze each toe then cut quickly .
3. We do one at a time with some treats given in between to remove any stress.
4. We cut the TIPS of the claws and avoid to cut quick, especially our pets have all black nails which we can’t see the quick.
5. If you pets hate getting their nails clipped, please do it while they sleep and it’s easy and painless. With treats, training and patience we can get all the paws done without being too stress.
6. Most cat nails are transparent, you can see the part where bloods flows, when in doubt, cut off a little and cut again later. We recommend use for pets no more than 20bls.

Only use on pet nails and keep out of reach of children.

1 pc*cat nail clipper
1 pc*cat nail file

[SAVE FURNITURE, SAVE MONEY] – Cats have the instinct to scratch and sharpen their nails, we clip the kittens’ nail very 2 weeks avoid scratching us and furniture during playtime. It also can saves us money from going to the groomer in the long run.
[EASY, SAFE, PRECISE TRIMMING] – Small blades with sharp cutting edge can easy to see where is the quick and more precise trimming nails.Big finger holes handle with rubberized coating is comfortable for large hand person and avoid painful accidents.
[CUT LIKE A PRO] – This cat nail trimmer is silent no sound to scare our kitty. The nail cutter is sharp for clean cuts, we can quickly snip all their nails without too much of a fuss. It also good for small pets, for example tiny dogs, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and others.
[GOOD QUALITY] – Semi-circular stainless steel blade and scissor type handle design can fit the shape of the pets toenail and takes less effort to cut. Pet nail file can smooth out those jagged edges after cuts.


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