VIVOSUN Reptile Heating Pad 16W Under Tank Heater for Tropical and Temperate Reptiles



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VIVOSUN Reptile Heating Pad

Under Tank Heater

3M adhesive paper -It adheres easily to the bottom of a glass tank (remember to put it on the outside of the tank and smooth out any bubbles.
It’s hard to peel off the bottom of your tank. Once it is installed onto a tank it cannot be removed and reused safely.
Make an warm and comfortable growth environment for your reptile even in cold winter.
The heater can work all day long and provide safe constant temperature.
Can be used with VIVOSUN thermostat to keep it under control.

Do not placing the Reptile Heat Pad inside of a terrarium.

Do not use the Reptile Heat Pad on anything other than glass terrariums(NO ACRYLIC/METAL/WOOD/PLASTIC/FOAM/FIBERGLASS/STONE cages)

For indoor use only


Optional mounting on bottom or side of your terrarium

Temperature/Species Guideline

Boas/Pythons82-90°F28-32°C ; Garter Snakes72-84°F22-29°C ;
Green lguanas90-100°F32-38°C ; Anoles75-85°F24-29°C ;
Tropical Lizards80-90°F27-32°C ; Desert Type Lizards85-95°F29-35°C ;
Mice/Rats65-75°F18-24°C ; Temperate Amphibians70-78°F21-26°C ;
Tropical Amphibians78-82°F26-28°C ; Land Tortoises82-88°F28-31°C ;
Hermit Crabs75-83°F24-28°C ; Bearded Dragons80-95°F27-35°C ;
Leapard Geckos75-85°F24-29°C;




UL standard

No harm

Low wattage

120VAC 60Hz


6X8 / 8X12 Inch-2 Pack

6X8 / 8X12 Inch + Digital Thermostat Combo

Emitter Heat Without Light

100W Lamp Bonus A Digital Thermometer

125W / 160W Available









SECURITY AND INTELLIGENT CONSTANT TEMPERATURE:This unit is 120VAC/60Hz,UL-approved. It can get well about 104℉(40℃). Use VIVOSUN Digital Thermostat to monitor the temperature of your terrarium.Never mount the Reptile Heat Pad in a manner that would encapsulate heat
ENERGY-SAVING: This heater uses a solid state nichrome heating element Which only use 8 watts of electricity and costs only pennies a day to operate
MULTPLE METHODS:Bottom mounting and the side mounting of the Reptile Heat Pad are also nice application. If the Reptile Heat Pad is on the bottom of the tank , you must use some type of substrate material
WARRANTY: VIVOSUN provide 3-year guarantee . If heater should fail during this time,just contact us and offer your order ID, no other guarantee apply


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