SWETOR Aquarium Magnetic Glass Cleaner Brush, Fish Tank Scraper, Algae Scrapers.



1, please choose different specifications according to the thickness of the fish tank glass.
2. Applicable glass thickness of this product: 8mm-12mm.
3. The product is guaranteed for one year.
4.Magnetic brush is an excellent tool to help us clean fish tanks. You can quickly clean algae on glass without having to put your hand in the water.
5. Magnetic brushes are very magnetic – so don’t put your finger in the middle.
6, when scrubbing the tank, please make sure not to put gravel or snail eggs between the magnets, so as not to damage the glass.
7. Clean your favorite fish tank regularly and pay attention to your pet’s health.

High-quality, SWETOR aquarium glass cleaning brush adopts high-density brush body, wear-resistant soft brush and large rare earth magnet, which can save you a lot of cleaning time. The most important thing is that it will not scratch the glass and is worth having.
The magnetic brush is equipped with shovel blades to upgrade the cleaning effect of edges and corners.
Floating brush with handle design, easy and comfortable to use.
The product is suitable for fish tank glass thickness: < 6mm.


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