SunGrow Tropical Fish Mineral Stones, 30+ Minerals Strengthen Scales, Enhance Fish Color, Calcium-Rich Grey Stones for Freshwater Tank, Optimal Balance



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Keeping a healthy tank should not really be a challenging task either for the first timers or seasoned fish hobbyists. One just needs to know all the essential elements that can assist you in doing so without being so paranoid about your fish’s condition. SunGrow’s calcium-enriched calcium beads (10pcs) for Tropical Fish can help in achieving that healthy tank you always aspire of.

Composed of all the essential supplements that your pets need like iron, boron, and manganese, these can deliver an infinite number of benefits. These grey pearls not only provides the perfect supplement balance for your fish, but it also helps in keeping their habitat spotless. With its beauty, they will surely beautify your tank too. Definitely a beauty with a purpose!

For best results, ensure to prepare your tank properly before putting these magical beads. Polish the aquarium surface thoroughly before adding these 10 beads of healthy food. Open and soak the balls in a separate water container for about 2 hours. You are now ready to put them in the fish tank. Per 2.5 gallon of water, you can put around 4 SunGrow slow-dissolving balls and change them every two to three months. Add SunGrow Marimo Balls and SunGrow Cholla Wood to complete your tank’s beauty.

✔ MAKES FISH LIVE LONGER — These SunGrow water conditioner balls for fish living in tropics help vitalize metabolism and strengthens the immune system. The popular harlequin rasbora and tiger barb develop resistance to maladies once they start nibbling on them which promote their longer life.
✔ ESSENTIAL FOR PERFECT NUTRIENT BALANCE — Perfect health for your Oscars is an assurance when you include SunGrow Mineral Beads. In just a short span of time, you will notice a considerable difference in your fish. They will become more active and their fins will become brighter in color.
✔ NOT JUST FOR FISH, EVEN PROMOTES PLANT GROWTH — If you have live plants in your tank, you may notice a significant increase in their growth as well. The mineral-rich balls consist of several trace minerals including iron, boron, and manganese. So if those moss isn’t growing, add these balls and see the difference for yourself.
✔ AQUARIUM DECOR THAT IS ALSO GOOD WITH LIVE DECOR — Aside from great health benefits, these energy balls would look great in your tank too. Its round shape and color fit perfectly to any theme you want to convey by giving a distinctly rustic look and feel. If you place these balls in a substrate near plants, plants will also absorb the elements along with its health benefits.


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