SunGrow Bird Perch, Naturally Keeps Pet Bird Nails Trim and Beaks Smooth, Random Vibrant Colors of Quartz Sand Covered Wood, Perfect Length for Cockatiels, Parakeets & Lovebirds



Why is it Important for Birds to Exercise?
In the wild, birds fly hundreds of miles daily, forage for food, and participate in several survival-related activities that give them an intense physical workout. They peck and chew wooden objects which prevents their beak from being overgrown. An overgrown beak is like an overgrown nail of a human being which can even hurt. For the birds who are a pet, it is up to their owner to provide them with a variety of toys to maximize their opportunity to move around and exercise.

What is the SunGrow Bird Perch made of?
Crafted with 100% pet safe and non-toxic materials, the parrot toy is a fun and environmentally friendly addition to your bird’s home. The interior is an all natural wood branch while the exterior is quartz sand colored with edible food coloring. No paint or unnatural dyes are used. Because the wear-resistant bird perch is made with natural raw materials, the exact shape and size may vary slightly. Since, the Bird Perch by SunGrow is colorful and attractive, birds like to peck, chew and tap their beak at it, stand on it and perform several playful activities which help them keep themselves physically fit and charming.

What species of birds are appropriate for the quartz sand perch?
The unique standing bar fits smoothly into most bird cages making it appropriate for pet birds of all sizes and species. Medium to large species such as conures, parrots, macaws and African greys can fit one bird safely and comfortably on the perch. Multiple smaller birds like parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds and finches can all sit on the pole at the same time and interact with one another.

✔ SATISFIES INHERENT PECKING INSTINCT — All species of birds have a natural instinct to peck at things with their beaks. There are many reasons for this such as searching for food, breaking up stones to aid in digestion or for territorial reasons. The amazing SunGrow Bird Perch is the ideal toy to satisfy this innate desire.
✔ STRENGTHENS BIRD FEET MUSCLES — Pet birds don’t always have a lot of room to walk around and work out their feet and legs while they are in their cage. Balancing on the perch is a healthy foot exercise that strengthens your pet bird’s feet muscles. Stronger muscles mean they are less likely to injure themselves and reduces foot cramping and pressure sores.
✔ LONG LASTING FUN AND ENTERTAINMENT — Designed to last for years, the fun bird activity toy from SunGrow provides a place to stand, engage with other birds and peck at hanging toys. Adding the quartz sand covered wood perch to your bird cage or activity center alleviates boredom and stimulates your pet physically and mentally.
✔ BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL COLORS — Brightly colored to match your beautiful feathered friend, the SunGrow Station Bar comes in a variety of vibrant colors like red, blue, green, yellow and purple. Please keep in mind that the color you receive will be chosen at random and may be slightly different than shown in the pictures.


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