Sungrow Aquarium Glass Cleaner, Long Handheld Tool Cuts Cleaning Time to Half, Keep Hands Dry, Sharp Blade to Remove Thickest Residue, Frequent Tank Maintenance



Product Description


Can I clean the corners of my aquarium with this Glass Cleaner?

Yes, The right angle blade design cleans the corner of the aquarium tank. The blade measures 1.7 inches. After disassembling the blade, it can be used as a sand leveler.

Can I use this in a large aquarium?

Although this manual metal razor is better suited for cleaning small areas or using in smaller aquariums, it can be used in medium to large aquariums because it comes with an adjustable handle. This is also great for descaling, and debarking coralline in a reef tank.

What types of dirt can this cleaning razor remove?

This glass cleaner tool is strong, durable and sharp at both the edges. It can cut through anything that has uninvitingly decided to grow on your beautiful glass aquarium.

How often do I need to clean my tank with it?

To keep your aquarium clean and healthy, you will need to make sure everything is working harmoniously. This includes checking the gaseous levels, maintaining your aquarium filter and making sure you have the correct lighting. We recommend cleaning your tank on a weekly basis.

Can I use this razor in both freshwater and saltwater tanks?

It is perfectly fine to use a scraper in freshwater. However, refrain using the scraper in high concentration saltwater. Rinse it off with fresh water immediately if you tried it in saltwater.

Note: After the combination of the two sections, the handle will measure 17.7 inches, with three sections, it will measure 25.5 inches.

✔ STAINLESS STEEL HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION — The glass surface scrubber is made out of stainless steel. Use this dirt remover for years to come. To protect your fingers from the accidental cut, it comes with a plastic blade cover. The best part is that it breaks down for easy storing. This is a very good alternative than magnetic scrubbers and scouring pads.
✔ TWO BONUS HANDLES INCLUDED FOR EXTRA LENGTH — Easily screw on the two additional pieces to lengthen the handle, at maximum length, it measures 25.5 inches. This handle will save your entire arm from getting wet next time you clear the mess from your tank. The extended arm makes scrubbing any deep tank easy. So make your life easier and say GOODBYE to standing on a chair or ladder and scrubbing the tank for hours.
✔ SUITABLE ONLY FOR GLASS AQUARIUMS — The handheld razor is sharp, yet it will not affect your glass aquarium in any way. You can simply remove all the unwanted dirt, leaving the glass pristine. Just hold it firm and go slow. Do not use the acrylic tank as the double-edged razor blade might scratch it.
✔ REPLACEABLE RAZOR BLADE — If you find that the razor blade is not doing its job as well as before, you can remove and replace the blade (sold separately) with a brand new sharp blade (sold separately) to remove anything from your tank.


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