Roscoe’s Pet Products Natural Rubber Ball on Rope Tug Toy for Dogs. Safe and Non-Toxic.



Roscoe’s Pet Products are created to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle during all life stages of your companion. Our toys are produced with high quality materials to ensure endless hours of play time. Regular playtime with your dog strengthens your bond with them and provides mental and physical stimulation, all of which are important in making sure your dog develops a healthy and loving personality. Playtime can aid in training when you incorporate simple commands. It can also help curb boredom and anxiety which can lead to unwanted behavior such as destructive chewing and excessive barking. Roscoe’s Pet Products offers a wide selection of toy types and sizes to provide options for any dog!

Textured ball promotes healthy teeth and gums and can help aid in teeth cleaning with regular use.
Multi-use training aid. Great for fetch, tug of war, and reward play.
Great for solitary or interactive play. Irregular and unpredictable bounces keep your dog interested.
Comes in three colors. Color selection will vary. Each order comes as one of the three colors available at random.


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