QUTOP Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray, Kittens and Cats Repellent Spray for Plants, Furniture, Floors | Non-Toxic | Alcohol Free – 175ml



Do you worry about your pet getting sick because of chewing unhealthy food?
Are you worried about the sofa or the curtain being scratched by the cat?
Have you ever been angry with a pet that has broken your furniture?
Our Cat Deterrent Spray Can Help You!

Cat Scratch Deterrent Spray – Natural Cat Repellent Training Corrector | Non-Toxic | Alcohol Free – Your best assistant!

Why Choose Us?

– Our cat scratch deterrent spray with exclusive patent formula is developed for the specific purpose of training pets not to scratch.

– This bitter deterrent corrector spray for dog and cat is perfectly safe for your furry friend thanks to its all natural ingredients, with tea tree oil to soothe hot spots.

– Our expertly engineered scratch deterrent formula is alcohol free, and safe for use on scratch targets including furniture, clothing, shoes, flooring, blinds, plants and more.

– Our cat scratch deterrent spray makes training your pets simple and easy. All you have to do is to spray the area you want your pet to stop chewing and scratching.

Product Description
Protect Furniture and Houses: Our safe cat repellent indoor spray can be used on things you want to stop your pet from chewing indoors and outdoors. The cat anti scratch cat spray is safe for use on chew targets including electrical cords, clothing, furniture, sofa, curtains, indoor and outdoor plants or anything else they find to chew on!
100% Non-toxic Formula: Our natural cat scratch deterrent spray won’t hurt your pet or the things its sprayed on! Our all plant and botanical based cat repellent spray is inspired by nature and does not contain harsh chemicals or additives. Our formula is a blend of natural bitters and lemon extracts making it ideal for pets with allergies and other sensitivities. Our anti cat scratch spray is a safe alternative to other sprays that contain harsh chemicals.
Safe and Effective: No complicated, messy steps. Our cat repellent indoor furniture is safe for use with dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. Please keep in mind, our spray contains natural bitters which can have a strong scent to some people. Make sure to always use in a well ventilated area. Use sparingly at first as a precaution to test for adequate ventilation.
Easy to Use, Just Spray to Deter: We recommend spraying the cat repellent spray 3-4 times daily for the first two weeks, and then lessening frequency as your cat learns their new behavior. We’re so confident you’ll love the results that if you are not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your purchase, no questions asked.


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