Pawfly 4PCS Air Stone Bar 4 Inch Bubble Release Mineral Airstones for Fish Tank Aquarium Pump Green/Blue



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As the best air stone brand chosen by Amazon consumers, Pawfly specializes in providing various shape and size air stones and all must-have aquarium accessories such as Check Valve, Tubing, Suction cups and Splitter etc. to set up your tank.

Air Stone Bar

An airstone, whose purpose is to gradually diffuse air into the tank and provide oxygen for fish to breathe, is an necessity to have around your house if your are a lover of aquatic animals.

Pawfly air stones are made of high quality non-toxic mineral material. With high temperature sintering, the stones are sturdy and durable, have high dissolved oxygen rate and create even and tiny bubbles rather than a limited number of large ones.

Made of high quality and harmless mineral material

Create tiny bubbles rather than bigger ones

Keep providing oxygen for your fish to breathe

Come with 4 PCS 4 inches air stone bar

What Kind of Airstone Should I Use?

Let’s clarify basic knowledge:

A bigger air stone needs a more powerful pump to produce more bubbles.

Basically bigger air stones can produce more nice bubbles and they’re used for powerful air pumps.

If you connect a bigger air stone to a small pump, the bubbles will be produced only at the front of the stone.

Small pumps go well with small air stones while powerful pumps and small stones don’t get along well.

About Shapes

The most common shape of this device is cylinder, however you can also find it in globe, disc, or even cube shape. The cylinder shapes can exist in many sizes and colors. Disc shapes can stay steady at the bottom of your tank, while globe ones can produce more bubbles in the same size.

You need an air pump more than 2.5 W to run this stone.

Soak the stone completely in water about 1 hour before use.

Clean regularly by a brush as they get clogged after weeks or months of usage.
Replace the stone after it stops working properly.







Jetting Volume

1.3 L/min

2 L/min

12 L/min

10 L/min

15 L/min


4.5″ x 0.8″ x 0.5″

1.6″ x 0.6″ (D x H)

4″ x 1″ (D x H)

8” x 1.5” (L x W)

12” x 0.5” (L x W)

Pump Power Needed

> 2.5 W

> 2.5 W

> 4 W

> 7 W

> 7 W & 0.025 MPa

Soaking Time

1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour

1 Hour

Connector Diameter







Fish tank, Aquarium

Fish bowl, Tank

Fish tank

Fish tank, Aquarium

Fish tank, Aquarium

Fits for 0.16″/4mm inner diameter tubing, Stone Length: 4″/10cm
Material: Mineral & Plastic. Color: Green & Blue
Total Size: Approx. 4.5″ x 0.8″ x 0.5″/11.5 x 2 x 1.2cm (L*W*T);
Per Weight: 1oz. /120g, Package Included: 4 x 4-inch Air Stone Bar


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