Ninuo Reptile Water Dispenser – Snake, Gecko, Chameleon, Tortoise, Bearded Dragon Drinking Water Dripper Bowl for Your Pet Reptiles – Large Nontoxic Fountain Water Dish – Terrarium & Tank Accessories

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Product Description

Waterfall FountainWaterfall Fountain

Here’s How You Can Provide Your Reptile With Pure Drinking Water!

Need a large, strong and hygienic drinking water dispenser for your snake, chameleon, turtle or spider?

Introducing The Ultimate Reptile Water Dispenser, Released by Ninuo!

The Ninuo waterfall-simulating water dispenser is finally here to provide your reptile with the fresh drinking water it needs, prevent dehydration and the resulting health problems – and preserve moisture levels in the terrarium!

Why does it attract reptiles to drink?

Some reptiles can’t actually recognize standing water so the movement of the water in a fountain will attract it to actually drink.

water cyclewater cycle

Why Choose Our Reptile Water Dispenser? Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

MAKE YOUR REPTILE FEEL AT HOME: Unlike standard water bowls that lack motion, our dispenser supplies your pet with a recognizable flow of water running down the rock, to help it stay hydrated, b and healthy.

SLASH ELECTRICITY COSTS: Instead of paying large sums on electricity bills, you can now save money with this cost-efficient water dish with the adjustable flow provided by the low wattage pump.

THRILL A REPTILE OWNER: Surprise your loved owner of a snake, lizard, frog or tortoise with a thoughtful gift! Help them take the best care of their pets with the #1 reptile water dispenser!

Ninuo-Focus on your pet’s health

No need to change the water once a day.

Increase the humidity in your reptile terrarium.

Increase your pet’s desire to drink water.

Make your pet’s living environment closer to the nature.

Water filterWater filter

Activated Carbon Filtration

Carbon pads can improve the taste of water, make your pet like to drink and drink healthier water.

Adjustable Water PumpAdjustable Water Pump

Adjustable Water Pump

The flow rate of the pump can be adjusted from left to right (from large to small).

Don't shakeDon't shake

Suction Cup

It can be attached to glass or the smooth surface of a reptile terrarium, and it won’t shake when the pet drinks.

Simulation PlantsSimulation Plants

Simulation Plants

The sound of water on a simulated plant will bring your pet back to nature.

reptile water dispenser make pet happyreptile water dispenser make pet happy

Need More Reasons?

·Durable And Stable Manufacture

·Non-Toxic And Safe

·Dechlorines Water, To Protect Reptiles’ Health

What You Get:

1* Reptile Water Feeder

1*DC 110V/2.5W Pump

1*Carbon Pad

Do Not Hesitate!

Keep Your Reptiles Healthy!

🦎 GET OUT OF THE FUSS OF ADDING WATER: This automatic drinking water dispenser will supply your reptile with 1,000 milliliters of running water – enough for one week without you having to change the water!
🦎 EASILY INSTALL IT ON YOUR PET’S TANK: Featuring strong suction cups on the bottom, our water bowl will safely stick on the glass surface of your reptile box, without risking to be tipped over by big reptiles.
🦎 LET YOUR CHAMELEON SAFELY DRINK: We make our water bowls of food-grade resin, non-porous, hygienic, tested and approved safe for your reptiles. The carbon pad included will help you purify your pet’s water.
🦎 USE IT FOR YEARS TO COME: Durable and long-lasting, this low wattage water dispenser features a 2.5W/110V DC pump, to save you electricity costs. And it is also easy-to-clean, for your convenience.


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