LUCKY HERP UVA+UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb High Intensity Self-Ballasted Heat Basking Lamp/Bulb/Light for Reptile and Amphibian



Instructions of LUCKY HERP UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb

UVB reptile mercury vapor lamp should always be positioned in such a way that the reptiles have the opportunity to retreat to cooler sections of the terrarium at any time. There should be a minimum distance of approx. 30 – 40 cm from the reptiles. When this lamp is used for the first time, the reptiles will need to get accustomed to the radiation.
We recommend beginning with 30 minutes of radiation a day and gradually increasing the radiation over a period of 2 ¨C 3 weeks to up to 3 hours a day, depending on the animal species. If required, the spotlight can also be used as all-day lighting (max. 10 hours per day).However, it is imperative that reptiles have suitable areas which they can withdraw to and that overheating of the entire terrarium be avoided. The lamps need approx 5 minutes warm-up time until the full radiation capacity is reached.

Important note on the operating characteristics of the lamp
This is a so-called mixed-light lamp that starts on its own and requires no control gear. When it is switched on or after a power interruption,it takes some time to start and reach its full brightness. An internal thermal switch turns the lamp of in the event of overheating. After it has cooled off , the lamp normally switches on again automatically. In rare cases, the lamp may switch of and not switch on again on its own or just flimmer when you try to switch it on. In that case, switch of the power supply and let the lamp cool of for 10 – 15 minutes. The lamp will then switch on when the power supply is restored.

*It’s very hot while in using.Do not touch it and keep out of reach of Children.Please control the distance from reptiles.
*Only be installed in a vertical position.
*Never be sprayed with water.
*Do not keep turning on and off the bulb.

Ideal for almost reptiles and amphibians: our UVA UVB bulb is ideal for bearded dragons, tortoises, turtles, geckos, iguanas, lizards, chameleons, also fit for frogs, toads, snakes & more.
Can be used in all enclosures: our UVA UVB reptile light is perfect for those where need reptile UVB light and UVB bulbs
E26 socket(standard US size), please use good quality ceramic socket for our UVB reptile light. Please check the 100w mercury vapor bulb size and your lamp fixture size. Not to be used with dimmers/rheostats.
Our service: We provide 3 months service for each 125 watt amphibian / reptile light from the date of purchasing. If you met any problems, we will help you please let us know in time.


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