Josh’s Frogs Dig-It (10 quarts)



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About Dig-It

dig it substratedig it substrate

Great For:

Fat-Tail Geckos

Hermit Crabs



Terrestrial Salamanders

Josh’s Frogs’ Dig-It substrate is specifically designed for animals that enjoy burrowing. Containing peat moss and vermiculite, Dig-It is great at retaining humidity and allows for tunneling and burrowing.

Dig-It also makes a great substrate for lay boxes, and is ideal for reptiles to lay their eggs in. Eggs are then removed and placed on one of Josh’s Frogs Incubation Medias.





hermit crab

hermit crab

CLIMATE CONTROLLED by misting; retains moisture for tropical climates, yet can be kept on the dry side for arid species
EXTRA SOFT consistency perfect for delicate pets
LAY BOX substrate option due to the addition of vermiculite
MORE UNIQUE SUBSTRATES from Josh’s Frogs! We also offer Dig-It, ABG Mix, Coco Cradle, BioBedding, incubation media, feeder insect beddings, various shredded barks like Aspen, Cypress, Pine, and more!


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