JOR Mini Catappa Leaves, Create Realistic River Habitat, Reduce Stress, Loved by Bettas and All Tropical Fish, 60 Leaves



Aquariums can add so much to our homes. They reduce our stress by connecting us to our environment. JOR Mini Catappa Leaves (60 leaves per pack) are the right choice for your aquarium. They are easy to use and very affordable. Our mini leaves are approximately 2” (5cm) long making them ideal for small betta tanks and a great value for large tanks. They create a very realistic and peaceful aquarium by adding a beautiful brown tea color to the water.

Each leaf is unique and brings the effortless charm and majesty of a jungle river to your tank. The tea-colored water is loved by tropical fish like angelfish, barbs, gouramis, discas, rasboras, tetras, corey catfish, and bettas. The brownish water helps them feel secure and hidden which reduces stress and may end continuously hiding so you can view your fish more often reducing your stress!

✔ PERFECT FOR BUBBLE NESTS — Male bettas build bubble nests for breeding and sometimes just because they’re happy! Our mini leaves are the ideal spot for your male betta to set up “house.” Giving your fish the opportunity to engage in instinctual activities-like nest building – ensures they’re happy, without any stress, and active. And our leaves make the ideal nursery for fry keeping them hidden and secure.
✔ SOOTHING STRESS REDUCER — In the wild, leaves and debris normally drop into rivers, ponds, and streams and some leaves, like our catappa leaves are very beneficial to tropical fishes and shrimp. JOR Catappa Leaves can reduce water hardness, reduce growth of microscopic nasties, and reduce stress, the number one cause of a fish passing.
✔ BEAUTIFUL WATER AND VIEWS — Each one of the 60 Leaves in our pack contain properties essential for your tropical fish. These vital properties not only manage water’s pH but they turn your aquarium water a lovely tea color! This gives your tank the realistic look and mysterious vibe of jungle rivers. It also helps fish, like bettas and plecos that are shy to feel more comfortable. They may even come out to see you more!
✔ BEST VALUE, EASY TO USE — You will need to experiment to find out how many leaves you should use. Artificial water conditioners require math formulas and complicated measuring, with JOR leaves all you need to do is count! A good start is to add 3 leaves per 10 gallons of water daily until reaching your ideal pH. Replace leaves every 30-60 days depending on how often you change your water. Simple, affordable, and unlike artificial conditioners, our leaves also add beauty.


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