iPower Reptile Heat Pad Under Tank Terrarium Warmer Heating Mat for Small Animals



The power reptile heating pad is specifically designed to be used on standard glass terrarium for reptiles, amphibian, small animals, or plant terrarium. Compare with other general heat pad in current market, our heat pad is made of a new heating film which inserted in the pad, providing the suitable temp equably in several minutes. Our power heaters range from 4 to 24 watts making them extremely economical in operate. It also can be used for thermostat and/or in conjunction with an additional heat source higher temperature species. Improved Design: New heating film and insulation increases overall heat transfer across the mat. Reach desired temperatures within minutes. 3M Adhesive Paper: Provides a strong grip to the contact area. The heat mat stays exactly where you want it. Energy Efficiency: Reach desired temperatures in a shorter amount of time while consuming less power than competing products. Specifications: S : 4″x7″ 4 watt — 1-5 Gallon M : 6″x8″ 8 watt — 10-20 Gallon L : 8″x12″ 16 watt — 30-40 Gallon XL : 8″x18″ 24 watt — 50-60 Gallon Features: 1. Size: 6″x 8″ ; 8W; Length of cord: 6fts2. 120V US voltage and Standard Plug and No adapter needed 3. Easy to clean and convenient to use 4. Provide quick warm and save energy 5. Waterproof and moisture proof designed 6. UL listed for safety 7. Keep reptile tank warm without any harm to your pets 8. With this pet heat mat, your pets will not need to worry about it would get cold. 9. Suitable for: turtles, snakes, lizards, Gekkonidae, small mammals, spider, crawler, etc. At room temperature 68°F(20°C), the surface temperature of the heat pad is about 86°F(30°C). This result is measured under experimental conditions, and the actual data will be slightly different.

Strong Adhesive:3M adhesive paper provides a strong stick to the contact area of the terrarium for optimum heat transfer.
Applications: Ideal for use with reptile, lizard, amphibian, small animal or plant terrariums. Also perfect for germination, home brewing, or Kampuchea Tea
Specifications:Size: 6″x 8″; 8 Watts; Length of cord: 6fts,120V US voltage and Standard Plug and No adapter needed. Apply to 10-20 Gallon.
Excellent Protective Performance:Water proof and moisture proof design, the use environment is more diverse. Water proof design that enables safe scrubbing, but please do not put the heating pad in water.


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