Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement



Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem in captive reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement contains high levels of calcium to help ensure long-term health. Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement is a complementary pet food for reptiles and amphibians.
Over the years, Exo Terra has become the market leader in reptile products for the natural terrarium. This achievement was made possible by the philosophy of successful, continuous innovation, which has become a basic underlying commitment, a culture and an attitude. Exo Terra has developed a complete line of terrariums and terrarium accessories, including glass terrariums, reptile terrariums, frog terrariums, turtle terrariums, snake terrariums, gecko terrariums, bearded dragon terrariums, small terrariums, large terrariums, terrarium humidifiers, terrarium heaters, terrarium thermometers, terrariums heat lamps, terrarium light bulbs, terrarium plants and terrarium decorations.
Contains high levels of calcium to help ensure long-term health and low phosphorus
Contains the essential elements for proper calcium metabolism
To serve mix with fruits and vegetables or coat insects according to feeding instructions
Recommended in combination with Exo Terra Multi Vitamin Powder Supplement


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