Crested Gecko Coco Hut , Treat & Food Dispenser, Sturdy Hanging Home, Climbing Porch, Hiding, Sleeping & Breeding Pad, 4.5” Round Coconut Shell with 2.5” Opening, Ideal for Reptiles, Amphibians



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What types of pets benefit from the coco hut?

From reptiles to birds, there are so many different species of small pets that enjoy the coconut hut. Crested geckos, chameleons, lizards, bearded dragons and frogs hop, scurry and crawl on top of and hide in the real coconut house. Cute and furry small animals like hamsters, gerbils, rats and mice love to burrow on the inside and gnaw on the outside of the coconut cabana. As a hanging bird house, the SunGrow Coco Hut attracts small birds such as finches, canaries, parakeets and lovebirds benefit, not only from having a secure hideout, but also by giving them something to peck at and a place to practice feet exercises.

How do I install the SunGrow Gecko House?

There are a couple options for adding the SunGrow Coco Hut to your crested gecko’s habitat. The easiest and quickest way is to simply place the coconut shell on the floor of your pet’s terrarium and let your pet enjoy. This way the house can be moved about the environment keeping your pet amused and interested. You could also mount the coco hut to something heavy and stationary to keep it solidly in one place. A common way to install the gecko hut is to use the included 4” length of rope to hang it from the ceiling of your gecko’s habitat.


Why do crested geckos make great pets?

Because crested geckos are adorable, gentle, playful and easy to care for, they are an ideal reptile pet for beginners. Crested geckos can change colors like chameleons, but they are cheaper, friendlier, and with lower maintenance requirements. When your pet gecko’s color is more vibrant, it is referred to as being “fired up,” as opposed to being “fired down” when the coloring is more muted. The cute little geckos have minimal requirements as they do not need special lighting and mostly just need a warm, humid environment to be happy. In the wild, crested geckos are primarily tree dwellers who love to jump and climb. Hiding places are also important to crested geckos. The gecko Hut provides your reptile pet with a place to climb on, explore and hide out in. So give them the feel of their native habitat with the SunGrow Coco Hut.

✔ ENTERTAINS YOUR GECKOS FOR DAYS — Crested geckos and their reptile friends love to scurry around their environment and check out every nook and cranny. To keep your pets from running out of places to explore and becoming bored, give them the fun SunGrow Coco Hut. They can run on top of the hut, around the hut and check out the inside through the 2.5” opening.
✔ AMUSING TREAT AND FOOD DISPENSER — From crushed insects or powdered meal replacement to live insects or a tasty treat of baby food, the SunGrow Gecko Hut works great as a food and treat dispenser. Your pets can search around and find their reward by crawling through the opening of the hut. Move the coconut treat holder around the habitat to charge him up and keep your crested or leopard gecko mentally stimulated. For their added amusement, put some sphagnum moss inside.
✔ ADORN THE GECKO-TAT THE WAY YOU WANT IT — The 4.5” Coconut Hut for Geckos can either be placed directly onto the floor of your pet’s habitat or else it can be hung from the ceiling providing a vertical spot to explore. Each coco hut from SunGrow comes with a 4” length of rope so that it can conveniently be tied to the top of your pet’s house and securely dangle down. You can also experiment their cave by attaching it with suction cups (not included) or hook it to other items.
✔ SUITABLE FOR INDOOR AND OUTDOOR — As actual coconuts do grow outside in the wild, the Coconut Hut from SunGrow can withstand normal weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun, and wind. Along with being a hideout for your geckos inside of their habitat, the hanging coconut shell is also a very beautiful yard accent for your garden or on your porch to attract pretty birds. If you are planning to place it on the ground in your front or backyard, get ready to listen to the musical call of frogs
✔ ATTRACTIVE, VERSATILE AND MULTI-PURPOSE — With a raw, rustic beauty and long-lasting durability, the coconut shell can be used for a variety of purposes aside from being a hanging home for your pets. Add it to a school project about tropical plants or include it in a teaching plan about the Philippines or Indonesia. The attractive coconut husks can also be used in handcrafted decoration for a luau or tropical themed party.


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