AQQA Aquarium Wavemaker Circulation Pump,360°Adjustable Ultra-Silence Magnetic Mount Suction Submersible Powerhead Pump,530GPH/2100GPH Freshwater or Saltwater Fish Tank



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Product Description
Product Name:Aquarium Submersible Wave Maker Pump
Line length:1.9m
Recommended glass thickness:4MM-8MM
Suggest fish tank size:≤60cm

1.Assemble the main pump body with magnetic base.
2.Mount the pump in the desired location.
3.Plug in any power outlet using 110V/60Hz direct.
4.Using the articulating ball joint rotate the pump to your desired location.
5.The modulator on the air pump can be used to adjust the airflow volume, allowing you to control the amount of air bubbles produced.
6.For quiet operation make sure the pump fully submerged.

NOTE: Please pay attention to the way of installation, the magnets cannot be attracted in parallel, because the magnetism is too large, it is easy to cause the glass to burst, and the magnet should be pulled off and slowly attracted. Please follow the instructions carefully.
Please be careful hand when installing.

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🐟Encrypted thickened filter cover and makes strong waves:Durable, reinforced ABS case, with a cover which protects thefish without affecting water intake,simulates thenatural currents of rivers or oceans, providing a healthier and morenatural like habitat for your fish.The wavemaker will allow the tallplants to move fluidly, giving the aquarium a more natural look.
🐟Strong magnetic suction cup,propeller design:new upgrade increases the suction cup,making the adsorption more stable.increase the shock absorber nail design,reduce vibration,ultra-silence.optimize the angle of the propeller, more powerful,constructed of Anti-corrosion titanium impellers, wear-resistant,Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
🐟360°rotation adjustable and totally submersible and oil-free motor:360°easily adjust the direction of the water flow, no dead angle,Anti-reverse, effectively control overturn, protect the motor from damage.Environmental protection motor avoid pollution to the living circumstance.Small profile so it doesn’t take up much space in the tank.
🐟Precautions for use: Because the bottom is a strong magnet,do not place the magnet directly opposite the unit, as it can strikethe glass very hard. Instead, gently slide the magnet into position. Please refer to the installation method in the figure.Your wavemaker MUST totallysubmersed into the water. Do not run the pump unless it is in water.


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