American Hydro Systems NS1-1C Nature Shield Insect and Pest Repellant, All Natural, 1-Gallon, 4 Pack



NatureShield 1 gallon All-Natural Pest Control. NatureShield is the only pest control product on the market that integrates a proprietary blend of essential plant oils to create an all-natural pest barrier around an entire landscape. Nature Shield is safe for people, pets and plants and is EPA exempt. For use in the American Hydro Systems ProFeeder, Green Feeder Mini and Stow N’ Flow feeder systems. Nature Shield can also be applied through pump, tank, boom and hose end sprayers. Simply mix 4 oz. of Natureshield with 1 gallon of water and spray your lawn, shrubs and trees to create a pest free barrier from mosquito’s, ticks, ants, moles and many other pests. Pro Products LLC, was established in 1995 and provides reliable, high quality, cost effective solutions for both in-home water systems and outside irrigation needs. The water treatment specialists at Pro Products offer a wide range of solutions that focus on rectifying problems, testing, cleaning stains, and maintaining the performance of water quality equipment.

All-Natural pest barrier for every landscape
Repels unwanted pests for up to 5 days
Control mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, ants, carpenter ants, centipedes, cockroaches, gnats, fire ants, silverfish and other crawling and flying insects.
Can be applied automatically through sprinklers with the ProFeeder or applied as needed with tank or boom sprayers or hose end sprayers
For Outdoor Use! Potent Garlic Smell. If product is used in a system located indoors or in a garage, there will be a garlic smell in that area.


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